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Blackhat (2015)

Dir: Michael Mann


"Alongside the 'International Version,' we find an audio commentary from film historians Bryan Reesman and Max Evry. Both sit together for this running, screen-specific look at story and characters, cast and performances, sets, locations and production design, cinematography and editing, music and audio, stunts/action, and their thoughts about the movie. With this chat, we get a mix of production details, background and general opinions of the film. The guys combine these domains in a positive manner and make this a pretty engaging and informative track."

-DVD Movie Guide


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Flatliners (1990)

Dir: Joel Schumacher


"The audio commentary features entertainment journalists Bryan Reesman and Max Evry. They consistently discuss the film while watching it together, with Reesman primarily providing real-life factoids about filming locations and the cast and crew, while Evry focuses a little more on the cinematography and the content of the film. They definitely rolled up their sleeves on this one."

-The Digital Bits


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Marty (1955)

Dir: Delbert Mann


"Of laudable note is a new commentary recorded by New York-based film journalists Bryan Reesman and Max Evry, who offer historical context, observations, and insights on topics ranging from the film version’s comparison to the original TV broadcast, to a frankly astonishing uncovering of the movie production’s genesis as a tax write-off for producer Harold Hecht(!), alongside a fairly persuasive case that this big screen Marty remains the best possible presentation of Chayefsky’s still resonant early material."



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Love Slaves of the Amazons (1957)

Dir: Curt Siodmak


"Entertainment journalists Bryan Reesman and Max Evry provide a commentary with background information and quotes from reviews, interviews, PR squibs and memoirs. Reesman and Evry are perfectly aware of which elements in 'Love Slaves of the Amazons' are worthwhile, including color and set design, and which not so much, and they make no outsized claims for this modest entertainment. Instead, they quote Edgar Wright’s opinion that watching many cult films is like hunting for truffles. You sift through them for the good stuff."



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Georgia (1995)

Dir: Ulu Grosbard


"Max Evry points out so many interesting things about family dynamics, psychology and the roles of the two. He is also modulated in his pacing. This very underrated film deserves this kind of breathe in and out treatment."

-Front Row Reviews

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Love Letters (1945)

Dir: William Dieterle


"Entertainment Journalists/Authors Bryan Reesman and Max Evry deliver a really entertaining commentary track in which they talk about where this fits into the careers of the performers, the background of the ensemble players, the music in the picture, the themes on display and many other topics. This is a lively and well-researched track that is worth checking out."

-Geek Vibes Nation


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More Blu-ray Work 

Here are several more discs I contributed to with a commentary track or feature.


Spookies (1987)


Talking head/expert in Michael Gingold's Rondo Award-winning documentary "Twisted Tale: The Unmaking of Spookies."


Anna May Wong Collection


Provided commentary for the 1939 jungle adventure movie "Island of Lost Men" starring Asian American icon Anna May Wong.

Screen Shot 2023-09-21 at 3.32.39 PM.png

The Prophecy Collection (1995-2005)


Provided commentaries for the first three films in the cult classic renegade angel horror series starring Christopher Walken.


Inherit the Wind (1999)


Provided commentary on made-for-TV adaptation of the famed play starring Jack Lemmon & George C. Scott.


Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema XIII


Provided audio commentaries on two films in this box set: 1950's "Spy Hunt" & 1958's "Step Down to Terror."


Universal Noir #2


Provided commentary on the 1948 noir drama "An Act of Murder" for the Region B box set.

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