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A Masterpiece in Disarray (2023)

Two years in the writing, this extensive 560-page book on the making, unmaking, and reclaiming of David Lynch's DUNE features dozens of new interviews with Kyle MacLachlan, Sean Young, Virginia Madsen, and many more... not to mention Lynch himself.

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Film journalist and debut author Evry, clearly a massive fan, has crafted a thorough exploration of this infamous movie. The book blends extensive new interviews into narrative chapters. The oral histories that follow make this work truly special.

“A treasure trove for Dune and Lynch aficionados.”

Library Journal

Making-of books are often not much more than glorified press notes. But every once in a while, a no-holds-barred account still surfaces. That’s where this new book about David Lynch’s Dune comes in, which at 560 pages seemingly has the scoop on everything that went into making the infamous sci-fi spectacle.

“Features some 50 interviews in total with people who worked on all facets of the film.”


The oral history sections are the clear standouts, lending new context and character to some of the film's strangest bits... Woven through the entire book is a sense of wonder that this beast of a film got made in the first place.

“A Masterpiece in Disarray is a dream come true.”


For aspiring filmmakers and casual fans alike, it’s a fascinating look at the chaos that often goes hand in hand with creative genius. 

“Cinephiles will want to pour over all the details in this account.”

AV Club

Praise & Reviews

This is exactly the sort of book I’ve been wanting on Lynch’s Dune for years, pulling together many historical resources and providing new information directly from the people involved in making the film that got me into Dune.

“The definitive guide to David Lynch's Dune Movie.”
Dune News Net

This hefty volume looks at the film in granular detail… It’s hard to imagine a more definitive examination of such a singular and strange film... Packed with new material, with Evry speaking to as many surviving members of the cast and crew as possible.

“Five Stars... much here is new and fascinating.”


The book fans of David Lynch's 1984 adaptation have been awaiting for nearly four decades... For more than 500 (!) pages, Evry takes us through every element of the conception, creation, destruction, and legacy of the film.

“A book to be cherished... likely the definitive account of the making of a poorly-treated film.”

The Film Stage

A wondrously idiosyncratic entry into the long history of Hollywood pictures gone haywire... the behind-the-camera story is a pleasure to follow.

“Mr. Evry delivers the spoiled goods with aplomb.”

Wall Street Journal

From the quality and quantity of interviews to organization and montage-style curation, A Masterpiece in Disarray is a model for oral history accounts of filmmaking.

“A far more complex sense of Lynch than before we have read it.”


It’s got scandals, hot takes, regrets, and reflections. It’s got serious musings alongside funny anecdotes. Whatever you think of the original film (or extended version, or fan edits…) you won’t want to miss this engaging story about this fateful production.

“A clear labor of love by Evry.”

Dr. Kara Kennedy

Dune Scholar

This (fittingly behemoth) oral history of David Lynch's doomed 1984 Dune adaptation has one significant coup: the director talking about the film, the ambitious folly he has long since disowned and refused to discuss.

“4/4 Stars... it's hugely enjoyable to sift through the sands of this comprehensive chronicle.”


Max Evry's expansive oral history captures the film's chaotic production with commentary from key talent. Through their stories and the author's own appreciation for the film's eccentricities, Disarray makes the case for why we shouldn't fear 1984's Dune.

“A Masterpiece in Disarray is the comprehensive account of David Lynch's Dune.”


There are a slew of great new books about movies and television this fall, but there really might not be a better looking book (or a more comprehensive one) than A Masterpiece in Disarray.

“It’s hard to imagine any Dune fan wanting to read any more on this subject."

Matt Singer, ScreenCrush

A Masterpiece in Disarray

Recent clips and podcast appearances to promote the book...




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August - Hosting a panel on Patrick Stewart's non-Star Trek roles for Creation Entertainment's STLV Trek to Vegas.

A Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scene From DUNE (1984)

Restored by Matt Caron & Max Evry

Includes Intro by Molly Wryn & Restoration Video (NERDIST)


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About Max Evry

Max Evry has been a film journalist since 2005, serving at various times as a writer, interviewer, graphic designer, podcaster, video creator, features editor, and managing editor. Past media outlets have included MTV, /Film, IGN, and Fangoria. For home video companies Arrow, Kino Lorber, Indicator, and Via Vision he has provided Blu-ray audio commentaries as well as featurettes for classic and contemporary films including "Flatliners," "Blackhat," and Best Picture Oscar winner "Marty." As a designer, his cover for the book "Muppets in Moscow" was a finalist for an International Book Award.


He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and two daughters.

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